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Carol Dunitz Channels the Divine Sarah
Review by Paulanne Simmons
Times Square Chronicles
New York, NY

Bernhardt on Broadway
Review by Laura Johnstone
UPSTAGE: Journal of Turn-of-the-Century Theatre

Theater History! Theater Magic!

Carol Dunitz IS Sarah Bernhardt.

Ms. Dunitz has fashioned a compelling and entertaining story from the life of the world's first superstar, Sarah Bernhardt. And the extra bonus is that it's a musical with charmingly sophisticated lyrics, a message of inspiration and tunes that you will recall long after you leave the theater.

It's that greatest of rarities in today's theater -- sophisticated AND a treat for the whole family. See it! You'll love it! I did!

John Borek, Director of Artist Development
The MuCCC Theater
Rochester, New York

I have a crush on Sarah Bernhardt. I went to see “Bernhardt On Broadway” and left with my heart aflutter. She has a golden voice, a silver tongue and dresses to the nines. The songs are great. The script has serious and humorous turns like real life. And Sarah is divine.

Of course, it is Carol Dunitz who not only wrote the music, script and lyrics but plays the lead. Come to think of it, perhaps she is the one I have the crush on!

Carter Sherline, Photographer
Frog Prince Studios
Ann Arbor, MI

Carol celebrates Sarah, the original woman entrepreneur who created her own unique brand and developed it into a highly desirable, premium persona, sought by many to endorse their products. Carol Dunitz in “Bernhardt On Broadway” is Simply Divine.

Jan Davies McDermott
Ann Arbor, MI

"Bernhardt on Broadway,” performed by Carol Dunitz at the Main Line Reform synagogue "Special Event” program, is a fabulous trip back in time to a golden era of theater. With her authentic French accent, engaging style and charming French setting, Carol brought that time to life making the audience happy to behold what existed only in our imaginations before we saw her "take the stage.” Her songs are beautiful, enhancing the story of legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt.

The audience couldn't help but respond enthusiastically to Carol Dunitz' “Sarah.”  The program was acclaimed as one of our best. “Brava,” Carol.

Ruth Leon Weiman
Actress and Former Ballerina
Wynnewood, PA

I know how difficult it can be to appear in a one person show and actually make it work. Carol Dunitz is impressive. She carries the whole show with no support from additional cast and holds the stage throughout her performance.

The script is informative and amusing. The music is wonderful and enhances “Bernhardt On Broadway.” The set and props provide a backdrop that immediately places Madame Sarah in her environment.

This is a delightful performance that people of all ages can enjoy.

Gloria Goldberg
Wynnewood, PA

The devotion of Carol Dunitz to impersonating Madame Bernhardt is quite convincing of itself. However, the more remarkable “take away” is her mission to teach her assembled devotees why theater is important, how theater can provide a moving moment of communication prompting reflection, catharsis, appreciation for the human condition and admiration for the work of one woman to bring so much to any group interested to listen, to watch, and to connect.

Elizabeth Benedict, Journalist
Rochester, New York

Carol Dunitz has redefined “Wow!” A little more than a century after world-renowned theater star, Sarah Bernhardt, barreled into Dallas, Texas to perform under a circus tent, Dunitz—as Sarah Bernhardt—blew into Dallas with her one-woman musical, "Bernhardt on Broadway." With the precision of a tightly wound old-fashioned piano roll, Dunitz unrolled toe-tapping tune after tune to theatergoers’ delight. Her tribute to Bernhardt drew packed rows of patrons, who came out in a driving thunderstorm, no mean feat for any performer. The audience expected a small but innovative biomusical, but what they received was a memorably harmonious retelling of a great stage diva’s remarkable life and equally incredible career. Dunitz engaged her audience with fascinating repartee, a hundred laughs, and a whiz-bang blend of upbeat songs and heartrending ballads. When "Bernhardt on Broadway" comes to your town, snag seats as soon as they are announced. You will leave the theater shouting “Wow!”

David W. Menefee, Author
"Sarah Bernhardt, Her Films, Her Recordings"
Dallas, TX

Having read several books on Bernhardt and been a researcher and collector on her illustrious career for a while now, I was eager to see Carol Dunitz' original show, "Bernhardt on Broadway." I got the opportunity recently and I must say, I was not disappointed. Not only is Ms. Dunitz an incredible, showstopping performer along the lines of Liza Minnelli and Chita Rivera, but she is equally comfortable with a ballad. Her lively original songs all written by her, complimented the stories she told in the show perfectly.

Though Bernhardt performed many times in the US, she always performed in French. Ms. Dunitz performs with a thick French accent but tells stories in English that really bring Sarah alive again for our current generation. I could not find one story in the show that wasn't based on fact.

If you get the opportunity, do yourself a favor and see "Bernhardt on Broadway." Not only will you have a wonderful time but you will leave understanding why Sarah Bernhardt was considered The Greatest Actress in the World.

Bravo Carol.

Dennis Miller
Toledo, OH

I could not have been more enchanted had I been an admirer in Cleopatra’s court. I found myself overcome with desire, experiencing this exquisite older woman who drew me in with every innuendo, every scandalous look, every intimate thought that was but one of one hundred stories within a story. Others sat beside and behind me in the audience but I was the one Sarah Bernhardt spoke to. I did not want our brief love affair to end but time flew by and when the show was over I knew she had left me for another.

“Bernhardt On Broadway” is a singularly entertaining musical. Carol Dunitz has crafted a spellbinding script that draws you in, keeps you smiling and miraculously transports you to another place and time. The songs have delightful melodies and lyrics that support and move the story line. Fancy footwork while dancing as she sings is an added bonus.

The costumes are elegant and straight out of the 1890s. A lot of thought clearly went into the period set that includes a fainting couch, dressing screen, parasols and posters.

Ms. Dunitz has an uncanny ability to playfully set her audience at ease with ever increasing personal engagement. At what seemed like the conclusion, she teased her audience into offering uproarious applause until she was ready to acknowledge their appreciation with a final song that drew more applause at the end of each verse. She then took questions from the audience in a spontaneous, down-to-earth way that showed she appreciated us as much as we appreciated her.

Sarah Bernhardt had a field day with the media. I suspect Carol Dunitz, too, will be giving the paparazzi a run for their money sometime soon.

Chad Brown, Professional Dancer
The Dance Pavilion
Ypsilanti, MI

When I attend a Stephen Sondheim musical I know I will experience a fascinating show that draws me in and maintains my interest with songs that are appropriate for the story and well integrated into the script. To accomplish this feat with a cast of characters is remarkable, but to pull it off with a one person show is a rare achievement. That is what Carol Dunitz has accomplished with “Bernhardt On Broadway.”

The script is loaded with interesting details that bring Sarah Bernhardt to life. The original songs are fabulous. And Carol Dunitz’ performance is nothing short of great. My husband and I felt as thought we were transported back in time, not just watching but part of the action.

I also liked the way Dunitz interacted with the audience, masterfully ad-libbing at the onset of the performance, during the show and at its conclusion. It increased the intimacy. We were delighted when Dunitz took questions at the end of the musical. She even dropped the French accent when someone asked to hear what she sounded like without it.

Many accolades for Carol Dunitz and “Bernhardt On Broadway.”

Marian Williams, Retired Teacher
Ann Arbor, MI

Our goal at the museum is to offer our visitors a rich and layered experience that creates depth and brings art to life. We want our museum to be an exciting and interesting cultural center to visit and we know that we can increase interest, attendance and understanding through dynamic programs like “Bernhardt On Broadway.”  Our audience was enthralled with Carol's powerful performance and I expect those who attended will remember it for a long, long time. It was the perfect complement to “The French Connection,” a temporary exhibition here featuring works of art by 19th century American artists who went to Paris to study and the French artists whom they encountered and who had a tremendous influence on them.

Sarah Bernhardt counted many French artists as her friends. Carol’s portrayal of “The Divine Sarah” gives context to the world in which the artists’ work was created. This is especially helpful for visitors who may have no previous knowledge of the art hanging in our galleries, or for that matter, may not be familiar with Sarah Bernhardt.

On another note, I think that “Bernhardt On Broadway” has special meaning for women everywhere. This show dramatically conveys the big, big life that Sarah Bernhardt created for herself. She was a brave, strong, courageous woman who was and still is a role model for every woman who chooses to claim her life and make it her own. 

Carol delivers a vivid, intimate portrayal of Sarah Bernhardt that resonates with the audience and has attendees believing they are taking part in a conversation with Madame Sarah. The well researched and clever script offers a rich picture of 19th century France that makes us think differently about that era. The songs are beautiful and Carol’s voice is exquisite. Our audience especially appreciated the opportunity to ask questions at the musical’s close.

Carol offers a triumphant performance that our audience savored. I recommend “Bernhardt On Broadway” to museums that wish to showcase their 19th century French collections in a new and innovative way. 

Judith Hayner, Executive Director
Muskegon Museum of Art
Muskegon, MI

Three times a year we bring a leading national expert to address our communities and educate them on topics of interest. Over the years I have found that the most well attended programs also offer an element of entertainment. That’s why I booked “Bernhardt On Broadway.”

We staged five performances here, one for the general public, the others at each of our buildings, which accommodate Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home residents. The response to Carol Dunitz’s presentations was more than enthusiastic.

The first performance was for the general public. The audience was clearly engaged. One attendee remarked when the show was over that the way Carol sang reminded her of Edith Piaf. Several said that they had known little about Sarah Bernhardt at the beginning of the show and felt quite knowledgeable about her and her times at its conclusion.

At subsequent shows I was impressed by Carol’s ability to ‘read’ her audience and adapt her performance as needed. She would sometimes briefly leave the script and interact with her audience to create an increased sense of intimacy. Our residents loved this.

One resident told me that when he and his wife were younger they had often taken trips to New York to see Broadway shows and how delighted he was that Menorah Park had brought Broadway to them. Another exclaimed, “She brought Sarah Bernhardt to life!”

But “Bernhardt On Broadway” is more than entertainment. The program for the show offers a wealth of information. And the show itself is a unique learning experience. The tremendous amount of research Carol did to create this musical translates into a theatrical experience that delivers living history.

Carol’s passion for the stage and Sarah Bernhardt shines through in every performance. Everyone learned something new about the famous (and infamous) actress and was tapping their toes and in some cases bouncing in their seats to the music.

Carol was generous with her time and spoke with attendees before and after the shows. The residents here at Menorah Park thoroughly enjoyed meeting Madame Sarah!

LeAnne Stuver, M.Ed., Director of Lifelong Learning
Menorah Park Center for Senior Living
Beachwood, OH

We loved “Bernhardt On Broadway.” Carol is wonderful. She has excellent diction and while the entire show is done with an authentic French accent, the language is clear and easy-to-understand.

While “Sarah Bernhardt” is a household name, few people knew anything about her. Carol does a phenomenal job bringing the great actress to life and kept the audience engaged for the entire two hours -- no mean feat for a group of seniors who are used to one hour programs.

“Bernhardt On Broadway” is appropriate for seniors but not limited to them. The script is fascinating. The songs have catchy melodies. And the lyrics are always meaningful.

Our performance was staged in a multi-purpose room with no professional lighting and less than optimal sound. Carol overcame these obstacles, maintained great eye contact with the audience and sometimes encouraged responses beyond spontaneous laughter or gasps.

Working with Carol was a pleasure. She made marketing easy by providing promotional materials and press releases that were received with great interest. Four groups attended “Bernhardt On Broadway” at our center including our own.

“Bernhardt On Broadway” is high quality the top of the range we offer. It is not only entertaining but educational. I plan to actively recommend it to my colleagues.

Barbara Weisbart, Director of Adult Enrichment
JCC of Central New Jersey
Scotch Plains, NJ

Our goal here at the Crandall Public Library is to offer programming that not only educates but entertains. We certainly hit the mark with “Bernhardt On Broadway.” This is a great show, right there at the top of programs we have offered to our patrons.

The show is extraordinarily well researched with countless references to famous people and places from Sarah Bernhardt’s era, all woven into the script and songs in a natural way that keeps the audience absorbed at every turn. We loved the songs.

I had thought that “Bernhardt On Broadway” might have more appeal to the senior set. But several people in their twenties told me they were thrilled they had attended.

“Bernhardt On Broadway” is 'over the top' wonderful. Extremely entertaining. Very professional.

Andrea Herman, Director of Adult Programming
Crandall Public Library
Glens Falls, NY

Riveting, exciting, sensual and FUN. “Bernhardt On Broadway” is stupendous! A Broadway - quality show with great songs. I was captivated.

Carol is extremely talented. The intonation and inflection in her French accented voice is very realistic. And when she is singing…WOW! I love her voice. I believed every moment of her performance. She creates a character who is at once so ordinary and yet so extraordinary, so approachable yet so larger than life. Carol captures the total essence of Sarah Bernhardt.

Even the Johnny Carson moments — when ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ reprimanded her sound person for making mistakes — enhance the show. Carol is as convincing with impromptu comments as she is on script. Her costumes are gorgeous.

This is not-to-miss theatre. I didn’t want it to stop.

Madelyn Porter
Detroit, MI

Carol Dunitz’ interpretation of Sarah Bernhardt is remarkable. I was enchanted by her spirited performance and flawless accent. I could not take my eyes off Carol for the duration of the show.

The script covers more than I could have expected while remaining natural and alive. I felt like I was actually spending time with Madame Sarah. When the two hour show was over, and it was over way too soon, I truly understood this great actress.

The music is fantastic. I loved the songs. There was a lovely variety and they were placed perfectly, setting the scene and expanding on the story without overpowering it.

My wife and I left the auditorium feeling like we had spent the evening with a close friend and confidant. Carol delivers a riveting performance not to be missed!

Morris Hickman
E. Lansing, MI

I have seen Hal Holbrook perform twice and was delighted with the way he assumed the character of Mark Twain. Like Holbrook, Carol Dunitz is very believable as the character she plays, Sarah Bernhardt. In the show, Bernhardt tells us, “I am sensitive to the atmosphere of the house and modify my performance accordingly.” Dunitz, too, adapts to the audience and responds accordingly, never unnerved and always keeping her cool.

“Bernhardt On Broadway” was especially engaging for me because I knew very little about the renowned actress before attending the musical. I came away with a clear picture of Bernhardt, which was supplemented by a playbill/program that offered fascinating information about Bernhardt’s life including history of the era, translation of Yiddish and French phrases, and information about her many friends.

This is a marvelous presentation with lyrical songs — the kind everyone can enjoy. I found myself wanting to hum along with them. She sang one of the songs a cappella, the one where her grandmother shares what she can expect from life. It is very moving. The lyrics always propel the action and are well integrated into the script.

Dunitz’ costumes are spectacular. I loved the magenta dress she wore in the first act. She makes good use of all her props — gloves, parasols, hankies, a wine glass, etc.

I love musical entertainment so this was really fun for me. I have tremendous admiration for Carol’s ability to memorize such a long script! It is always a pleasure to see a performer who has great determination and talent.

Janet Beatty
South Haven, MI

A unique performance. I am very interested in the performing arts and attend many plays. I have never seen a performer on stage immerse herself so thoroughly in a character. From her accent to her mannerisms, her delivery to her costumes, Carol Dunitz transformed herself into Sarah Bernhardt.

Well done! Very enjoyable.

Lucy Reeves
East Lansing, MI

“Bernhardt On Broadway” is a wonderful show! Carol Dunitz, who portrays Sarah Bernhardt, makes you feel like you are at an intimate afternoon tea or salon, not a stage performance.

Dunitz moves around the stage easily, standing then sitting, casually using props, speaking with you as though you are a good friend. I not only loved the stories she told but also the way she told them. Her characterization of Sarah was not recitation but life — real with challenges, poignant sadness and tragedy punctuated with humor.

I enjoyed the songs. The lyrics enhanced the monologue and served to forward the action. Dunitz’ singing added to the intimacy of the performance.

The set is lovely. I was immediately drawn to the the colors and fabrics of the furniture and pillows — even before the show began.

I left “Bernhardt On Broadway” with a new interest in Sarah Bernhardt and was glad my husband and I made the seventy mile drive to see the musical.

Judy Edsall
Marshall, MI

Carol Dunitz’ performance as Sarah Bernhardt was wonderfully believable, punctuated with French accent and Yiddish expressions.

Madame Sarah spoke from her drawing room, telling us her story as she had experienced it in life, sharing how she dealt with times of joy and sorrow, obstacles and opportunities. It was very intimate.

I felt very much included in her life because she related so well with the audience. I was personally touched, sincerely warmed by her fire. This spunky, lively woman let down her guard and invited me into the world of her renowned friends — business people, artists and great thinkers of the time.

The songs were lovely and had imaginative flair. The costumes were extravagant and of the period.

I was hoping for a wonderful evening and it surpassed my expectations. Carol delighted us.

Marilyn Johnson
South Haven, MI

I majored in theatre in college and previously worked as the tech director at the University of Michigan - Flint so I am generally more discerning that the average theatergoer. Dunitz’ performance in “Bernhardt On Broadway” is spot on. She nails the part, creating a very believable Sarah Bernhardt.

I knew very little about Bernhardt before the show but left with a comprehensive understanding of the great actress and her tremendous accomplishments. Her life was a real trade off. In an era when women stayed home and raised children, she rubbed elbows with royalty and other famous people of her time. At the same time, she sacrificed a closer relationship with her only son in exchange for the world’s praise.

The monologue was fascinating and enhanced by the songs which had likable melodies and informative lyrics. My favorite song was the last one in the show, “No One Else.” The song ends with the line, “There’s no one else to sing my song but me.” It is an eloquent reminder that we all make choices, some of which lead to regrets, regrets that one senses Bernhardt had.

I loved the authentic costumes. They seemed to mirror the three sheet movie posters from the early twentieth century that made up part of the set.

Carol’s voice is impressive. It is nice and full — easy to listen to. Her expressiveness comes through loud and clear.

Dunitz projects from the proscenium arch, shining through the ‘fourth wall’ to the audience. She captures its attention throughout as evidenced by its attentiveness, laughter and applause.

Claire Ahearne
Traverse City, MI

I lived in New York City for twenty years. While there I attended countless plays on and off Broadway. I also performed in a number of them.

I always enjoy discovering new songs to sing and “Bernhardt On Broadway” has some with delightful melodies and great lyrics. I love Dunitz’ clever rhymes. I particularly enjoyed the love song Sarah Bernhardt shares with her audience, “More Than Everything,” and the torch song, “Too Familiar,” for which she offers up a sultry interpretation. I’d like to be able to sing them myself.

The show amazingly offers a lifetime of Bernhardt's ‘bigger than life' living in two acts that kept me engaged throughout. The costumes are great fun. And I really liked the stage set. “Bernhardt On Broadway” is very entertaining.

Margaux Smith, Screen Actors Guild member
Benzonia, MI

"Bernhardt On Broadway" is an excellent production. Carol's knowledge of Ms. Bernhardt's life is extraordinary. The costuming, set pieces and props set the stage most effectively and one felt that they were visiting Ms. Bernhardt in her own home.  

Roberta 'Bobbi' Krantz, Director, Arts & Community Center
Ocean County College
Toms River, NJ

When I booked “Bernhardt On Broadway” I didn’t think I’d find it interesting. I was dead wrong. Carol Dunitz has taken Sarah Bernhardt, an historical figure who few people know anything about, and breathed life into her. She has created a persona that not only engages members of the audience but also makes them want to participate. When someone called out to Madame Sarah from the audience (and this happened repeatedly), she improvised brilliantly, responding in a way befitting the grand dame of the theatre. Carol Dunitz delivers a convincing portrayal of Sarah Bernhardt, enlivening her for contemporary audiences.

Robert Reese, Director
Carl Cherry Center for the Arts
Carmel, CA

Channeling Sarah Bernhardt to tell us of her life and adventures, Ms. Dunitz breaks into song to help tell the story. The songs are original and at times a bit bawdy livened with the occasional dance step. These stories tell of her hardships and friendships, her loves and her adventures. I liked this play. I hope someone steps up and assists her to bring her show to the Great White Way.

John 'Doc' Strange
Selig Film News
Dallas, TX

It was such a pleasure to see your wonderful performance in Carmel on Saturday. You truly are a gifted entertainer. Your portrayal of Sarah Bernhardt was engaging, fun and totally original. I love your way with words and music and am so glad I bought the CD so I can continue to enjoy your clever and witty songs until I am able to see the show again!

Louise Liberson
San Jose, CA

I saw your show tonight in Carmel. You were charming! You are a natural and command the stage just the way I'm sure Sarah did in her day.

Jeanne McCulloch
Carmel, CA

It felt like we were in a Parisian salon just like "Sarah" described in her production. Jeff and I loved the whole show. Carol's enthusiasm was infectious and we were so in the spirit of Sarah's life that we had to google her immediately to get the whole story. 

Lisa Tulin-Silver
Ann Arbor, MI

Judie and I were delighted to attend your performance. The script was entertaining and informative and the melodies and lyrics added enormously.  Most important, your acting skill left us with the feeling that in a short time, we had come to know Sarah Bernhardt, whose name we had of course heard but whose life had largely been unknown to us.  We eagerly await the chance to see you bring other figures to life.  

Jerry Lax
Ann Arbor, MI

Carol did a fabulous job of inhabiting the character of Sarah Bernhardt and explaining the world she created.

Molly Resnik
Ann Arbor, MI

Dunitz dazzles in her one woman musical, “Bernhardt On Broadway.” The captivating script and pithy songs reflect a tremendous amount of research into the life and times of Sarah Bernhardt as well as the ability to shape the material in a way that truly entrances the audience. Her interpretation of what she has written is spirited and broadly clever. The extravagant period costumes are exquisite, adding icing on the cake.

Hats off to Dunitz!

Buff Given, Author
Los Angeles, CA

I want to thank you for an entertaining afternoon in Los Angeles with Mme. Sarah Bernhardt. Your work is fresh and humorous. You are a talented writer, composer and actor. Your costumes are fantastic.

Brenda Winter
Los Angeles, CA

“Bernhardt on Broadway” provided an extraordinarily entertaining and educational afternoon that delighted the audience at the Lexington Public Library.  A fantastic one woman production, “Bernhardt on Broadway” is a complete performance where gorgeous costumes, a period set and Carol's French accent add to the authenticity. One program attendee remarked, "Carol's portrayal in ‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ made me want to go out to read more about Sarah Bernhardt." The music was delightful and brought added energy and passion to the program.

Kathleen Thomsen, Director
Lexington Public Library
Lexington, NE

From the moment she entered the room flirtatiously interacting with the audience, Carol Dunitz personified the famous Sarah Bernhardt. Through two acts and 12 songs, Sarah Bernhardt came alive in a history lesson set to music. The songs written by Ms Dunitz herself punctuated the story of Madame Sarah at her peak. When the curtain closes on the show, you will walk away with a better understanding of “the most famous actress who ever lived.”

David H. Radwine, CCM, General Manager
Sangamo Club
Springfield, IL

What fun it was to attend “Bernhardt On Broadway” this past Sunday at the Metropolitan Room. I am a French speaker and truly appreciated Carol’s authentic French accent. Her voice is so clear and powerful! The songs and dialogue blend so naturally. And her dress is so elegant. I loved everything about the performance.

Ruth Danis, Retired Teacher
Queens, NY

Learning about Sarah Bernhardt is a history lesson made fun by musical songs and stories, written and performed by Carol Dunitz. It's amazing to see how Carol's performance brings so much energy, creativity, and musical numbers to the stage!

Sandy Spekman, Retired Teacher
South Orange, NJ

I am a stalwart fan of “Bernhardt On Broadway.” My mother, too, often accused me of being a little Sarah Bernhardt so I find it particularly fascinating to discover more about the great actress.

Ann Arbor's own Dr. Carol Dunitz with her copious research, shining creativity, and biting lyrics set to tuneful melodies captures Bernhardt's essential essence. She offers her audience an enchanted evening in the persona of Madame Sarah.

Yael Ganet
Ann Arbor, MI

It is now a week since I saw “Bernhardt on Broadway.”  What fascinates me most in retrospect is not Dunitz’ ability to transform herself into the great Sarah Bernhardt.  It is not the enthralling monologue with a surprise at every turn.  And it is not the witty lyrics that rival those of Cole Porter or Ira Gershwin.  It is the melodies that linger with me when I wake up in the morning, when I go to sleep at night, and when during a silent afternoon moment I find myself humming one of them.  I expect they will stay with me for the rest of my life like a song by Richard Rodgers or Jerome Kern.

Donna K. Childree, Author
Ann Arbor, MI

“Bernhardt On Broadway” by Carol Dunitz is a wonderful, whimsical theatrical event that transports us back in time to the world of Sarah Bernhardt. Personifying Bernhardt, the “world’s greatest actress,” performer Carol Dunitz embodies her charisma and talent in a transcendent performance.The costumes, set and original score enhance Dunitz’ enchanting, original portrayal. The musical, “Bernhardt On Broadway,” is grand! Carol is breathtaking, inspirational and enchanting. 'Loved the show!

Collette Cullen, Actress
Dearborn, MI

As a producer of theatre I sometimes like to stand back and see how members of an audience respond to a performance. This is just what I did after seeing “Bernhardt on Broadway” at the Osher Lifelong Learning Center in Saginaw MI. While the audience was very responsive, picked up on all the nuances during the play and enthusiastically applauded, I was curious about the reaction when the presentation was over. I watched with interest as scores of people approached Carol to tell her how much they enjoyed her performance.

One woman told her that the show was wonderful and how disappointed a friend of hers who had studied under Marcel Marceau would be to have missed it. Another woman said she was so enthralled she planned to read some books about Sarah Bernhardt. A gentleman explained that he had planned to leave at intermission but was enjoying himself so much he skipped a meeting he had scheduled and stayed for the whole show. He then got down on one knee and proposed to her. It was a warm and humorous reference to a line from the play indicating Bernhardt had had countless proposals of marriage from admirers.

I personally enjoyed spending two hours in Madame Sarah’s world. Like many of the close to 400 attendees, I hung on every word, enthralled and enlightened by a unique and highly crafted performance.

"Bernhardt on Broadway" is a thoroughly entertaining evening. This delightful journey with Sarah Bernhardt is not a reincarnation but a reintroduction to a legend of the theatre.  Through the talents of one actress is the genius of another.  Kudos for Carol.

L.J. Kehn, Producer
Frankenmuth, MI

Carol Dunitz as Sarah Bernhardt is superb. When she walks on stage she immediately sets the audience at ease, speaking freely and naturally as though she is amongst friends. In the process, she brings history to life in an engaging and fun way.

Carol’s singing is very professional. She has a wonderful lyric voice that suits musical theatre to a tee.

“Bernhardt on Broadway” is outstanding entertainment.

Ann Anderson, Professor Emeritus of Music
University of Minnesota

“Bernhardt on Broadway” is a magical event. I was enamored with the show from the first word Carol Dunitz spoke to the last note she sang. Carol immerses herself in the character of Sarah Bernhardt and had me believing I was in the presence of the great tragedienne herself. Her enthusiastic performance, captivating French dialect, and thorough research make “Bernhardt on Broadway” a unique entertainment. The delightful songs complement the mood and always forward the action.

This is a fascinating representation of history that I thoroughly enjoyed. The show piqued my interest so much that I plan to follow up by reading about Bernhardt.

I have never seen anything like “Bernhardt on Broadway” and will remember it always as a special theatrical experience.

Judith Arnold, Contract Pianist
Duluth, MN

Wonderful. Amazing. Mesmerizing. These are some of the adjectives our members used when they described Carol Dunitz in “Bernhardt on Broadway.” She captured everyone’s attention for the entire show with her uncanny ability to connect with the audience and ad lib when an opportunity arose. Her intimacy and warmth drew the audience in in a very personal way. 

Carol’s authentic French accent had everyone convinced she was French. Attendees felt like they were in the presence of Sarah Bernhardt.  Several people told me they were shocked when during the Q & A session she broke into a midwestern dialect.

We enjoyed the characterizations of Commodore Vanderbilt, Victor Hugo, Mrs. Patrick Campbell and others, each portrayed with believable foreign accents! The songs were fabulous and a number of people bought CDs.

Carol brings history to life with “Bernhardt on Broadway.”  We learned about America through the eyes of a famous foreigner while being entertained with fascinating stories about Bernhardt’s life and exploits.

Members wondered how I managed to book Carol. I wish I could take all the credit.  The truth is she contacted me, but I was smart enough to grab the opportunity to bring her in. “Bernhardt on Broadway” is top entertainment.  A fabulous show by an extraordinarily talented woman.

Kathy LaTour, General Manager
Duluth Woman's Club
Duluth, MN

Tickets sold out quickly and residents at our retirement home were delighted with ‘Bernhardt on Broadway.’ They felt a personal connection with Madame Sarah, who gave a bit of special attention to each person who attended.

Carol Dunitz was resplendent in fabulous costumes. She is a very talented actor who truly connects with her audience. We laughed, blushed and beyond that, learned about Sarah Bernhardt and her times. Everyone enjoyed the genuine humor, the authentic French accent and, of course, the DRAMA. We loved the songs.

Denise Jones, Activity Director
All Seasons of Rochester Hills
Rochester Hills, MI

In an intimate and engaging performance, Carol Dunitz charmed the audience with her portrayal of the legendary Bernhardt.  Through conversation and song we were welcomed into the fascinating, passionate and often funny world of the Diva. Dunitz’ tour de force performance was vivacious and delightful.

Tracey Atin, Executive Producer
Korda Artistic Productions
Windsor, ON CANADA

‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ is thoroughly entertaining; the songs are engaging and the costumes are beautiful and very authentic.  Our thirty-five seniors loved the intimacy of the performance and appreciated the way Carol ‘gave it her all.' She kept everyone engaged throughout the two act play, interacting with the audience and even getting several of them to dance and participate. This was a fun day trip and everyone was delighted to leave with a wonderful keepsake, a program full of lots of fascinating information.  

Colette Nutton, Activity Director
Huntington Woods P&R Supervisor
Huntington Woods, MI

In her one-woman production, ‘Bernhardt on Broadway,’ Carol Dunitz breathes life into the phenomenal character of Sarah Bernhardt. Dunitz, herself, is a force of nature. Through intimate monologues, brilliantly performed songs and impeccable period dress, she brings Bernhardt to life—and invites the audience to come along for the ride.

Dunitz has done her homework in researching Bernhardt, but this is no dry, historical reading of the Lady Gaga of her time. The audience is treated to a fully rounded and memorably nuanced interpretation of one of the most remarkable performers to ever grace the stage.


Treena Flannery Ericson, Gallery Director
The Scarab Club
Detroit, MI

Your performance was enchanting. You have exceptional poise and stage presence and your memory is way above par. It was a warm and entertaining afternoon. We enjoyed ourselves and left with a feeling of contentment and ease.

Your songs are wonderful and your voice is lovely.

You looked great and your dresses are beautiful.

Dorothy Mahlin
Southfield, MI

‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ at the Scarab Club was extraordinary and memorable. This one woman show was made more riveting by Carol Dunitz' being in character as Sarah Burnhardt from the time I purchased tickets until I left the theater. Original music, interesting historical anecdotes and intimate interaction with the audience led to a standing ovation and a good night for all.

Dylan Manna
Ann Arbor, MI

I am always on the lookout for entertaining programs for our chapter. ‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ fits that bill. Close to sixty people attended a performance, which I arranged to have presented at my church. A number of the gals in our chapter came up to me after the play’s conclusion to tell me it was a great show. Mostly women in the audience but a few husbands attended and enjoyed the play, too.

Carol is very believable as Sarah Bernhardt and has wonderful expression. People were amazed that Carol could maintain the character of Sarah Bernhardt with a superb French accent for two hours. She donned a Southern accent when she told a story about Commodore Vanderbilt and an English accent for one about Mrs. Patrick Campbell -- just like Meryl Streep!

Everyone was amazed that Carol not only gave a very convincing performance but also wrote the script and music. Great songs. We also appreciated her coming out and visiting when the musical play was over.

This is a delightful show and educational treat that I highly recommend.

Nancy Albery, President
Waterford MI Branch
American Association of University Women (AAUW)

For nearly thirty years Hagopian World of Rugs has hosted chamber music and other cultural events at our Birmingham, MI location. One of our recent offerings was the performance of ‘Bernhardt on Broadway,’ a one-woman musical written and performed by Carol Dunitz. Using props and costumes appropriate to Ms. Bernhardt’s era, the playwright created a charming period visual in our large showroom that served as the backdrop for a riveting performance.

The play is a historical romp through Bernhardt’s colorful life and begins with Sarah reflecting on her relationship with her mother, a French courtesan.  Seamlessly moving through the stages of Bernhardt’s career, the production recalls close friendships with reknowned artists, conquests and marriages made along the way. 

The original music and songs written and performed by Ms. Dunitz add charm and gaiety to the narrative.

Speaking with a flawless French accent, Ms. Dunitz channeled Sarah Bernhardt and presented her one-woman play with aplomb.  If you haven’t seen this “Michigan-made” production, I highly recommend you buy a ticket today.  Future dates are listed at

Pamela Coultis
Hagopian World of Rugs
Birmingham, MI

‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ is a remarkable one person musical based on phenomenal research. The play rings with authenticity of the period Sarah lived in and is very educational. We were fascinated by all the hobnobbing Sarah did with royalty and other famous people of her time. The content truly sparked an increased interest in the late 1800s.

Carol Dunitz creates an atmosphere of intimacy that draws you in and keeps you captivated for the entire two acts. Her mastery of the dialog is uncanny. Her songs are uplifting and have catchy melodies. The period costumes are exquisite.

Carol delivers a stupendous performance. We really enjoyed the show!

Fran Kirchoff, Past President
GFWC Intermediate Women's Club
Madison Heights, MI

‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ is a truly enriching experience through which the audience is magically transported back in time to the 1890s. It is a delightful show with fabulous songs. And the costumes are exquisite. Several attendees remarked on the intimacy of the production. We all felt as though we had spent an evening in Sarah’s living room.

BRAVO to Carol in the portrayal of Sarah Bernhardt.

Tamara Trudelle, Executive Director
Downriver Council for the Arts
Wyandotte, MI

‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ is an entertaining and educational theatrical experience.  Dunitz's passion for her subject transforms the stage into Bernhardt's dressing room.  The audience feels connected.  ‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ is a remarkable one woman production.

Paulette Medvecky, President
Wayne Business and Professional Women (BPW)
Wayne, MI

I attended your portrayal of 'Sarah Bernhardt' at the Art Center in Wyandotte. 'Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed all of your creativity. I didn't know too much about Sarah, but through your presentation I feel she must have been a force to be reckoned with and a lot of raucous fun.

Good wishes for many more performances.

Nancy Gratz
Southgate, MI

I was floored by the intimacy of the script. I felt like Madame Sarah was a close friend who was revealing secrets to me that she could not possibly share with anyone else. The music is divine -- memorable melodies that always complement the subjects they deal with. And Carol, she is larger than life whether she is confiding a private thought or belting out a chorus that draws the audience in and makes it hers. We at Maxim’s feel very fortunate to have hosted the world premiere of Bernhardt on Broadway.

Allen Nichols, Manager
Maxim’s: The Nancy Goldberg International Center
City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs

My wife and I saw this remarkable, enchanting show in Dubuque, IA this past weekend and were impressed with your ability to stay in character through not one but several sound mishaps. I loved when I extended my appreciation afterward and added that we have three Mucha prints in our home, including the beautiful L'Fevre Utile advertisement (included in the astounding script), you stayed in character by rejoining that you were familiar with ALL of Mucha's work of you! But of course, bien sur!

Randall J. Kadlec
Dubuque, IA

Carol Dunitz' performance as Sarah Bernhardt is more than performance. It's as if the Great Sarah herself has stepped into Ms. Dunitz to live again on the stage!   

Lenore Howard, Artistic Director
Fly-By-Night Productions, Dubuque, IA

Bravo for a remarkable performance! I greatly enjoyed "Bernhardt on Broadway." I felt as though I were in Madame Sarah's presence, recounting her career up to that time. With such an indomitable will, it is easy to realize that she had another quarter century to perform. Thank you for bringing back to life a consummate artist who should never be forgotten.

Edwin Hoffman, Creator and Host, "Speaking of Art"
WAAM Talk 1600, Ann Arbor, MI

How good is ‘Bernhardt on Broadway’? In the second act, ‘Madame Sarah’ shares how visitors would kiss the hem of her dress. Last Saturday I actually witnessed one of the show’s patrons bend down and kiss the hem of Carol’s dress in the lobby after the second act!

I was in the lobby a great deal of the time manning a booth for my nonprofit, Omni Solutions, so I did not get to see the whole play but what I did see was amazing. Carol’s acting and singing are wonderful. My nine year old daughter saw the whole show and has been dancing around the house humming songs from it. She has expressed an interest in learning the lyrics so I got a CD for her.

Lolita Nunn
Omni Solutions, Ann Arbor, MI

I was in the audience Saturday evening at WCC and was enthralled with the complexity and magnitude of your achievement!  Only a few of us who have dreams of acting or composing or writing actually make the attempt. An even smaller number still  manage to weave their multiple talents into one project. You are one of those select few! Congratulations and best wishes for future shows!

Kerry Morey
Ann Arbor, MI

Once again I want to thank you for coming to Ionia and performing ‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ at our Theatre. It was a pleasure meeting you and helping with the sound for your show. My wife Jani and I were both very pleased with your performance as Sarah Bernhardt. The costumes, the set, the music and dialog were amazing. Most of all your spot on accent and persona as Sarah was incredible. As your sound man I was so impressed not only with your written script and songs, but your ability as a performer to perform such a complex dialog (in French accent) and 12 songs perfectly. I am sure you will be extremly successful as you continue to write and perform, and I consider myself fortunate to have met you and been a part of one of your performances.

Tom Millard, Sound Engineer
Ionia Theatre, Ionia, MI

Sarah Bernhardt came alive on stage at the Holland Theatre in Bellefontaine, OH on October 23, 2010. As artistic director, I was pleased to offer an evening of ‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ to our local theatergoers and was delighted that people came from as far as Columbus to see the show.

The audience was engaged throughout the performance, which was authentic and interesting. The creative script was filled with expressions and stories that brought Bernhardt to life in an incredibly clear way. The music was catchy, fit the story, and a delightful enhancement to the play.

Everyone left the theatre glad that they had attended. Many went out of their way to let me know how much they enjoyed the show. I even got positive comments from young people in their teens and twenties.

Kristine Swisher, Artistic Director
Holland Theatre, Bellefontaine OH

I joined a few members of the Paris/Chicago Sister Cities Committee to go to Maxim's and see your show last Thursday. I was impressed by the amount of research and all the attention you give to details for this show. Although I am French and know about Sarah Bernhardt I learned a lot about her relationship with other artists, writers, and politicians of the period thanks to you.

I also very much enjoyed the songs. Great voice.

Monique Tranchevent
Paris/Chicago Sister Cities Committee

Great Show!!! Very impressed by your singing. Well done ;)))

Anne-Marie Kim
Ann Arbor, MI

. . . .  a delightful glimpse into the world of Sarah Bernhardt -- her remarkable life and career. Carol's research is thorough and insightful, weaving narrative and song together in an entertaining tour de force!!

Elaine Sargous
Ann Arbor, MI

"Bernhardt on Broadway" is a marvelous performance, conceived, written, and arranged by Carol Dunitz, celebrating the art and fascination of one of the late nineteenth century's most famous actresses, Sarah Bernhardt.  Carol is herself the composer of the many delightful songs she presents during the two acts of the performance, itself a remarkable accomplishment. We thoroughly enjoyed the event. C'est magnifique!

Joan McGowan Schmerl and Rudy Schmerl
Ann Arbor, MI

A wonderful performance. We, of course, had heard of Sarah Bernhardt. Carol’s performance brought her to life before our eyes. There was so much we learned of her life and times.  As you show, Bernhardt can not be appreciated only in the telling of her story, but it is the music that really conveys the depth of who she was. Carol put it all together in a beautifully staged and charmingly presented performance.  It was a pleasure to have been there. Thank you!

Fran and Joy Blouin
Ann Arbor, MI

Carol Dunitz’ performance was very entertaining. The life of Sarah Bernhardt told through song and story was historically accurate, amusing and sophisticated. I thought Carol uniquely gifted with a beautiful voice, a sustained French accent and the ability to put both attitude and anecdote across. I was impressed with the script and very clever lyrics, both her writing.

Maureen Murphy
Ann Arbor, MI

Carol Dunitz’s portrayal of Sarah Bernhardt gave us a most enjoyable afternoon of laughter and fun. This is a very clever and witty production, and as Carol brings the legendary actress of yesteryear to life you can’t help but have a good time.

Joann Freethy
Ann Arbor, MI

I attended “Bernhardt On Broadway” with a friend. We really enjoyed the performance. Carol is very believable as Sarah Bernhardt. She has a wonderful voice and the songs are clever with catchy melodies.

Bill Hagel
Ann Arbor, MI

One member of the audience summed up Carol Dunitz’s performance perfectly when she told me she was mesmerized for the entire show. Carol brought Sarah Bernhardt to life beautifully, maintaining character throughout even when the music track unexpectedly stopped! The show is an authentic representation of Bernhardt and her times from the script and mannerisms to the costumes and props. Enthralling!

John Huyge, Chairman of the Board
Lakeshore Arts, Saugatuck MI

Carol Dunitz is a real 'tour de force.' Her performance in ‘Bernhardt on Broadway’ was vibrant and truly brought Sarah Bernhardt’s unique character to life. I had the sense that I was sitting in the great star's parlour hearing about her beliefs and escapades. The lively music enhanced this unique experience.

Bonnie VanVoorhees, Community Education Director
Bronner Performing Arts Center, Frankenmuth MI

Following up on your Chicago debut of Bernhardt on Broadway, I just want to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed your performance, creatively produced, lively and educational.

Beverly Livingston, Ph.D.
Paris/Chicago Sister Cities Committee